**Due to complications from Corona Virus and supply shipping impacts with our suppliers, the make and ship time is up to 12 weeks on some systems**

Supreme 20 Gallon Copper Distilling System - American Distilling Equipment

Supreme 20 Gallon Copper Distilling System

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Want a Distilling System with all the bells and whistles? We have it! Our 20 gallon System includes many convenient features:

  • Fully tri clamped/copper union connections
  • 2 Thermometer placement (boiler/cap)
  • Heavy duty bottom plate
  • Large 4” tri clamped neck/cap (6” is also available)
  •  1/2” thermometer and ball valve ports
  • 1.5” tri clamp Electric element port
  • 220v/4500w Scr controller and element 

This is an easy to use system that basically runs itself. It arrives ready for your cleaning run right out of the box!

This system is made with all food safe Lead Free Copper/Silver Solder/ Flux. Shipped UPS with tracking